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Who is BinSanad

I have a career of more than 25 years, in which I held senior positions in many companies, including the CEO and CxO of several major companies in the Kuwaiti and Gulf markets.

In addition, I have extensive experience in project management, marketing, human resources, financial, IT systems, and many other fields.

Zeyad A Binsanad

​Only those firms who keep pace with the developments in the Information Technology field in long term will appear as a reliable and competent partner, which will drastically improve their market position.

   - Zeyad BinSanad    

Founder & CEO    


We take your business to Higher levels

Strategic Business Plans, Processes and Procedures

Feasibility Studies & Finance Optimization


We are Good With Numbers!





Years of Experience

Qualified Experts

Clients Till Date

International Partners

IT experts often speak a different language that is difficult to understand for non-professionals. We successfully mediate between the entrepreneurial and technical perspectives.


As a consultant firm, we are completely independent of the major market players in the IT industry. This means that we act exclusively in your interest as our customer and receive no fees, commissions or other benefits from third parties in the context of customer relations.



Hamad Al-Marzouq

​Chief Enterprise Business Officer

Zain Kuwait

I am extremely happy to see Zeyad BinSanad starting his own business.
I have always found him to be an honest, hardworking, intelligent and trustworthy individual.


I highly recommend, without hesitation that you seriously consider dealing with Mr. Binsanad for any consultation requirements within your firm.

Binsanad demonstrates a brilliant personal, highly skilled , with various knowledge and abilities. I am confident that he will be able to provide value to your firm.

Dr. Hamad Al-Hasawi

​Secretary General

Kuwait Banking Association

Zeyad is an exceptional professional with high qualities and ethics

Sam Hamdan

CFO MAP Sciences


Managing Director

Prime Strategy Consulting Group

Zeyad is a true executive with excellent communication skills, to the point, brief and concise. Zeyad is a master in IT, Sun or Microsoft, selects what is best and a great implementation leader with specific targets and to the dot deadlines!


His finance, operations and HR skills are far more advanced than I expected and very well applied.


I would certainly hire him as I trust his judgment and enhanced decision making abilities.

Tahseen Abuzaineh

Business Development Associate

Cority Software

Zeyad extensive experience, excellent managerial competencies, high level of commitment, transparency, and integrity makes him a very interesting person to work with.


I'm personally impressed with his wonderful relation with his team-mates and subordinates and I've witnessed how great leader he is to them.


I am happy that I had a positive and successful experience with Zeyad and looking forward for more.

Pramila Dsouza

​Senior Coordinator

Weatherford Kuwait for Petroleum Services

Nibras Al-Refai

​Sr. Data Center Manager UASC

Zyead BinSanad has demonstrated leadership qualities ; I commend his dedication to the task at hand and his analytical approach to problem solving.


Mr. BinSanad has exhibited professional level knowledge and efforts.


On a personal note, Mr. BinSanad revealed high level of integrity and honesty.

Husain Abulaziz Shaji

​Projects Manager - BPO

Invita Kuwait

Zeyad is Great inspiring leader with certain qualities cannot be found in an ordinary person, visionary and posses the skills of reading people and situations, team player/leader and
always shares his success among teamfriend.

Rami Kichli


Gulf and Levant at Software AG

I believe Zeyad represents a rare breed of modern IT Managers who understand the intricate relationship between technology and business.


Zeyad always performs his role with integrity, transparancy, and fairness..


I've throroughly enjoyed working with Zeyad throughout and would not hesitate to recommend him with unreserved enthusiasm.

Ghassan Kabbara

Exuctive IT Manager 

IMCO Construction & Engineering 

I was constantly impressed by Mr. BinSanad intelligence, personality and enthusiasm. His experiences provided him with an exceptional outlook on a variety of issues. These experiences, joint with his highly effective communication skills, allowed him to build deep relationships with those he interacts with.


He has a very good understanding of management and strategy generally he has experience managing under pressure tasks, I consider Zeyad a very close and trusted friend as well as a true Business Leader.

Qasid Parkar

Chief Executive Officer

Alfazance Consulting

Zeyad is great person to work with. He shows extreme professionalism and displays ways to face challanges.


He encourages teams to deliver more and also stands by the teams in difficult times. He has been a great Coach and a good leader and above all a great friend.

Salah M.A.S Boftain

Facilities and Safety Manager Al-Ghanim Industries

One thing about Zeyad I know like my name; if Zeyad is involved in any business, he would make that business profitable with no doubt.

Lamyaa M. Al-Rumaih


DeZine Group

I have known Mr. BinSanad for about 5 years when he was working at Kuwait University, and at the 5th year I was under his supervision in my training course I’ve learn a lot from him and he was keen to dedicate him self for us trying to give us all the support and knowledge we need from his experience . Then I’ve also met him few years later in many occasions.

During the time I have known Zeyad, he has been honest, dependable, and trustworthy. He is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of him. He is respectful of his superiors and all his co-workers.

I recall several occasions when Mr. BinSanad would stay late to complete a task that had a deadline. He was often given additional responsibilities and assumed a leadership role while encouraging others on his team. He also has received several honors for his dedication to his work a Kuwait University.

I am happy to let you know how honest, dependable, and supportive Zeyad is with. It is a great honor for me to know him and will always consider it a privilege to deal with him.

Prof. Mohamad J. Terro

President of Kingdom University

Kingdom of Bahrain

Zeyad diligence, exceptional knowledge in his field of work, did attract my attention.


Furthermore, his persistence in pursuing the experience and knowledge in Information Technology has been inspiring and did pay him off in many excutive positions in a number of well-reputed companies in Kuwait.

Zeyad's multi-disciplinary experience is as an asset to companies he would be involved in!

Waleed Badr

Director MEA Nuage Networks


Mr. Zeyad is a leader who inspires the entire staff and a manager who carefully looks after his subordinates.


Mr, Zeyad is a good listener, well organized person , creative , positive thinking , right minded person , a very good trouble solver influential, and very good negotiator with a clear business focus and strategic thinking.


Mr. Zeyad also possess a deep technical knowledge and understanding of IT systems and solutions.

Mr. Zeyad BinSanad is an excellent leader, who is proactive and delegates work to his subordinates which allows them to take key decisions while maintaining key control. Motivates the team enough to make them feel that working with the organization is the best thing that could happen to them.

Francis J. Irudayaraj

HR Group Manager

Al-Marar Holding Company

Nissar Ebrahim

​Senior Business Apps Lead

Al Muzaini Exchange Co.

Javed Khan

​IT Professional

Ahli United Bank - Kuwait

Mr. BinSanad believes in "SMART" working, excellent in his analytical skills and his commitment to his work is really amazing.


He is sharp, brilliant in his endeavors and possesses a sound technical knowledge. Gentle in his approach which makes him easily approachable for any help needed.


What makes Mr. Zeyad a great leader is his ability to understand the nuances of the problem and come up with a structured method to solve it.


His never say die attitude and constant learning on different IT related subjects makes him special.


On a personal note, I would like to mention that I have learned a lot from him. I wish him the very best for his future.

Zeyad role of leading the change was phenomenal!


His expertise in managing ICT Operations were well tested. His contribution to the modern building plan, IT work environment impacted employee satisfaction, motivation and increased their productivity.


He anchored ISO 9001:2000, Quality Management System and Balanced Score Card in IT .


I felt like working for a fortune 500 IT company!

Mr. BinSanad is a highly self motivated, result oriented and passionate professional whose charismatic leadership. Technical and management qualities makes Mr Zeyad Bin Sanad an asset for any organization.

Had been under his leadership for about an year and his people management and sharp analytical skills did such a great influence on me to learn so much from him ..

More over, a humble and down to earth personality whose is always approachable and dependable.

Wishing him the very best in all his future endeavours and I am glad to recommend him for any kind of business and technical consultation..


Honored to Work & Dealt with ..

AL Muzaini
Ain Insurance
Kuwait University
KMS Holding


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